Inclusion Advocate Stephanie Loredo Announces Candidacy for Culver City Unified School Board

Culver City, CA – June 23, 2022 -- Stephanie Loredo, an advocate for education, sustainability, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), today announced her School Board candidacy for Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD) in California. A Filipina American Progressive and a parent to two children in the school district, Stephanie aims to collaborate with community members in building a culture of care that empowers students, faculty, staff, and families to thrive in public schools. Her early endorsements include Culver City Mayor Daniel Lee, DSW, MSW; Culver City Council Member Alex Fisch, Esq.; Former Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells; Culver City School Board Vice President Paula Amezola, MPH; Culver City School Board Member Kelly Kent, Ph.D.; and Culver City School Board Member Tashon McKeithan, Ed.D. Learn more about Stephanie at

A global pandemic and conflicting stakeholder interests are weakening the culture of care in Culver City public schools. These challenges are heightening issues such as staff attrition, incidents of bias, transparent communications, safety, and college preparedness. CCUSD leaders can solve these concerns for students (from early learners through adults), their families, and district employees by harvesting resources and empowering stakeholders around the pillars that support a culture of care: achievement, belonging, and community.  

“A culture of care embraces the fullness of our community members’ humanity and ability to learn in healthy ways. Culver City can develop this environment where everyone feels heard, safe, validated and supported to achieve,” said Stephanie Loredo. “Through my experience as an involved parent advocate in Culver City schools, I believe that giving stakeholders a nurturing climate with resources to be the best version of themselves generates positive energy and good will that is channeled to others in our district and beyond.”

Working to elevate the values and standards in our public schools, Stephanie is a member of the CCUSD Local Control Accountability Plan Partner Advisory Council, which drives supplemental funding for special education, English learners, foster youth and other often underserved student groups in the district. She is part of the CCUSD Inclusive Practices Administrative Regulations Committee and the CCUSD Equity Advisory Committee. Stephanie has also been a contributor to Culver City Middle School Parent Teacher & Student Association DEI and Special Education Committees; the CCUSD Environmental Sustainability Committee; and the Culver City High School Site Council.

“I've been deeply impressed with Stephanie's work to make Culver City schools more sustainable and accessible to students,” said Meghan Sahli-Wells, former Culver City mayor. “Her advocacy for safer streets has brought tangible results that is improving the lives of Culver City students, while also making the neighborhoods around schools more livable.” 

“Stephanie's insistence on championing the needs of our most marginalized students and families has inspired me for years,” said Kelly Kent, Culver City school board member. “CCUSD needs precisely this voice of both intellect and empathy as we navigate Culver City's growth and progress over its next chapter.”

Los Angeles community causes Stephanie has given her skills, energy and time to include safe routes to school non-profit Walk ‘n Rollers and food drive non-profit Nourish LA. In her professional career, Stephanie served as vice president, national broadcast, at Zenith Media, leading the orchestration of $300+ million in annual advertising spend for consumer brands. An alpha Kappa Delta Phi Asian-interest sorority alumna, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies, concentration in Asian Descent, minor in Asian American Studies.