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Los Angeles Municipal Leaders Join Campaign Kickoff Event and Endorse Stephanie Loredo for Culver City School District Board 

Culver City, CA – August 24, 2022 -- Stephanie Loredo (, an advocate for education, sustainability, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), today announced new endorsements from Los Angeles municipal leaders. Elected officials such as City of Cerritos Council Member Frank Yokoyama, City of Sierra Madre Council Member Rachelle Arizmendi, and former City of Cerritos Mayor Mark Pulido have joined other endorsers such as Culver City Democratic Club and Westside Young Democrats. Stephanie celebrated these achievements at her campaign kickoff event on August 20. 

The campaign kickoff event speakers featured pioneers in civil service and community stalwart leaders. Former Culver City Mayor Thomas Small is the first Filipino American mayor in West Los Angeles. Mark Pulido is the first Filipino American Mayor of Cerritos and is the first American-born Filipino School Board member in LA County. Former Culver City Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells has led the city’s movement towards mobility and sustainability. Culver City School Board Member Kelly Kent is a second term Board Trustee who advocates for equity and inclusive practices in schools. Former Culver City School Board Student Representative Raelie Loredo is a student leader at Culver City High School. If elected, Stephanie would be the first Filipino American elected to a School Board in LA County outside of ABC Unified School District.

“I am humbled and deeply appreciative of the love and energy our campaign has received from volunteers, donors and friends. I am thankful to elected leaders in Los Angeles who are supporting my campaign,” said Stephanie Loredo. “Community and belonging is about holding the door open for one another, welcoming one another, and supporting each other. Together let’s hold the door open for every student in our district and lift everyone up.”

Stephanie is operating a grassroots campaign founded on progressive values and supported by individual donors and volunteers. Her support from organizations and individuals throughout Los Angeles illustrates the great demand for principled leaders unifying people around the values of equity and inclusion. 

“Our members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Stephanie Loredo for Culver City School Board,” said Jeff Schwartz, President, Culver City Democratic Club. “I believe she is a high quality and principled candidate who represents progressive Democratic values. We need leaders like Stephanie to promote critical thinking and accountability in our education system to ensure that it becomes more equitable and inclusive."

"Stephanie Loredo has the heart, voice and vision that are vital additions to the Culver City Unified District School Board as we strive to form a more inclusive parent community,” said Culver City School Board Vice President Paula Amezola. “The work she has put in to understand stakeholder needs demonstrates her qualities as a leader in our Culver City schools.”

 “Los Angeles County is home to the largest Filipino population outside of the Philippines, yet we are underrepresented on the Boards of Education of the public school districts. We deserve representation from knowledgeable people like Stephanie Loredo to improve our schools for all our children and grandchildren,” said Mark Pulido. “Stephanie is running on a platform focused on inclusion and equity. Her progressive values are clear and I believe she will bring this kind of positive leadership to the Culver City School Board.” 

About Stephanie Loredo

A candidate for Culver City Unified School Board, Stephanie Loredo is a Filipina American progressive who organizes for local Culver City organizations and regional Los Angeles initiatives. Stephanie is a member of the 2021-2022 Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD) Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Partner Advisory Committee and is part of the CCUSD Inclusive Practices Administrative Regulations Committee and the CCUSD Equity Advisory Committee. From her previous career, she brings more than a decade of experience managing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual advertising spend. An advocate for education, sustainability, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), Stephanie’s vision is to build a culture of care that empowers students, faculty, staff and families to thrive in public schools. Stephanie is committed to collaborating with community members to harvest resources, empower stakeholders and cultivate energy around the culture of care pillars of achievement, belonging and community. 

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