Stephanie Loredo

for CCUSD School Board

I believe in a culture of care that empowers students, teachers, staff, and families to thrive in schools. A culture of care embraces the fullness of our community members’ humanity and ability to learn and grow in healthy ways. When people are in a nurturing school climate with resources to be the best version of themselves, they generate positive energy and good will that is channeled to others within Culver City Unified School District and beyond.


Public schools are foundational to thriving, healthy communities. They are the roots from which youth can grow each day and envision their lives in the future. They are the nourishing homes that we collectively own and we are accountable for their enrichment. They are the structures that our communities bloom around. The strength of our school district is predicated on the character and values of the people who are here every day. These people depend on the personal growth and happiness gained from a robust public school system bolstered by a culture of care.