Building a culture of care will allow students, teachers, staff, and families to thrive in Culver City schools. A culture of care embraces the fullness of our community members’ humanity and ability to learn and grow in healthy ways. It forms an environment where everyone feels heard, safe, validated and supported to achieve. When people are in a nurturing school climate with resources to be the best version of themselves, they generate positive energy and good will that is channeled to others within CCUSD and beyond.

The CCUSD Board of Education can develop a culture of care by harvesting resources, empowering interestholders and cultivating energy around three key pillars: Achievement, Belonging, and Community. As a member of the Board, my mission will be to collaborate with community members to strengthen the elements of these pillars. Our students (from early learners through adults), their families, and all district employees need this support to thrive.